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About Us

At Aveda Herbal & Wellness ...

We see in nature an inherent power of healing which works unceasingly to create bodily health. Everything in nature tends to re-establish that perfect harmony to constitutes normal life.

Similarly every force within an individual tends to preserve a perfect equilibrium and tries to re-establish order & harmony, if it has been disturbed.

At Aveda Herbal Spa & Wellness, its our endeavor to help you achieve that perfect harmony based on Ayurveda and Natural Healing Therapies.


Ayurveda Care


At Aveda, we have combined the benefits of age-old science of Ayurveda with the modern techniques to work out the perfect antidotes to take care of our day to day personal care problems without any adverse effects.

We use blend of natural products recommended by Ayurveda to help the body's healing processes to bring out the natural beauty.


We have a range of therapies to re-establish order and harmony leading to natural vitality and holistic healing.

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