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Short hair-600K VND, Med Hair-700K VND, Long Hair 800K VND

Ancient Ayruveda helped us discover the goodness of natural ingredients. Even modern medical science swears by it. Hair packs based on Ayurvedic recipes for hair growth is the way to go!

Our hair packs are made with nourishing and hair strengthening ingredients (all natural). We use wide range of herbs in our packs which are carefully blended to give just the right balance for hair.

This balanced blend works for all hair types. These packs work as ultimate conditioner for your hair, gives a cooling effect, promotes hair growth, stops dandruff and other hair problems due to coloring, perming & straightening with chemicals. 

Weekly conditioning with this pack works wonders on hair texture, growth, volume and shine. Within 6 weeks you can see a drastic change with your hair-fall problem.

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Duration: Approx.120min,

Short Hair-600K VND, Med Hair-700K VND, Long Hair 800K VND

Henna, popularly known as Mehandi is a hair coloring dimension from hundreds of years. Henna is one of the most beneficial herbs and can do wonders for your hair.

True henna powder, only comes in one shade: a fiery orange-red. The final colour depends most largely on the original hair colour. Lighter hair will show henna as a vivid orange, whereas dark brown hair will take on a rich mahogany tint.

We also add Katam (Indigo) leaf powder to make the final color darker. The Henna/ Katam shade card will give you an idea that by adding different proportion of Henna & Katam we can get the desired shade as per customers requirement. The final color however will depend on natural hair color and the results may vary from person to person.


Our Henna Treatment is a 100% natural way to nourish hair. Other than providing grey hair coverage it is a wonderful conditioner for the hair, with protective and restorative powers. Henna Treatment works without any side effects unlike the other chemical lotions/preparations for hair do. We use 7 types of different Indian herbs to add different properties to our henna treatment.


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7. Champi Aveda.jpg
Duration- Approx 60-90 min - 600,000 VND


Champi is the traditional art of INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE. Champi originated in India many years ago and was used as a technique for grooming by women as it helped to strengthen and improve the fullness of the hair and get rid of day to day hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, premature greying etc. This luxuriant hair invigorating treatment is believed to promote hair growth, restore the natural sheen and glossiness of the hair fibre.


Champi is performed while seated comfortably upright in a chair. It focuses on the body areas where stress and tension commonly gather.

We use a combination of various herbal oils soaked in seven types of herbs for over two weeks which not only nourishes your hair but also releases muscular tension from the head, neck and shoulders. This treatment also includes steam, shampoo and face wash leaving you feeling serene, tranquil and refreshed. It is perfect treatment for all age group and from desk workers to busy moms!


Depending your requirement you may choose one of the following champis:

  • Hair Care Champi

  • De-Stressing Champi

  • Anti-Dandruff Champi

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